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 How you can use the Facebook product catalogue to skyrocket your business

Facebook has a new technology with Product Catalog’s name, trying to bring new things for e-commerce companies. In short, a Facebook product catalogue is a file that you send to Facebook for advertising sorting. Facebook will automatically sort the customers who will receive your advertisements depending upon their interests and behavior. After you upload your product catalogue, you can run a range of new ad formats that can boost the click-through rate, which will eventually increase your products’ sales.

So, let’s talk about how you can upload your Facebook product catalogue.

How to add your product catalogue to Facebook

  1. First, you need to create a product feed that will contain a list of products you are advertising. Many different product catalogue plug-ins will help you create a reliable catalogue for Facebook. You want each line of your catalogue to contain another reference. The reference can be ID, which category it falls under, the product’s name, image URLs, and the availability status.
  2. You can now go to the business manager settings on your account and select the product catalogues option. From here, you can easily add a new Facebook product catalogue.
  3. Now you can copy your XML feed link and select the Add Product Feed option. Then you can name the product and click next. You will get a dialogue box where you can paste the URL of your catalogue, then press UPLOAD.

Once you upload your Facebook product catalogue, you can freely use it to run various advertisements to several different groups of people.

How can I use the dynamic Ads function?

Dynamic advertisements promote products to people who trigger certain events on your website, internet, or mobile application. So, whenever someone searches for red shoes on the internet, and you have red shoes in your Facebook product catalogue, the search party will get an ad for your shoes. If someone visits your websites and checks out a pair of red shoes, Facebook will run the ads for your shoes and a few other products from your brand. After a predefined period, if the search party does not act on a purchase, Facebook will stop running the ads. If the search party does purchase your product, Facebook will stop the ads here as well.

Why do dynamic advertisements work?

  • Increases the reach- Facebook is a big social media platform and exists on a global scale. This reach helps the platform to tailor ads according to the interests of customers.
  • Allows you to retarget customers

Customers who abandon your cart have to remember your product somehow, and the Facebook product catalogue gets that job done. The advertisements can also contain product suggestions which they haven’t seen yet.

  • Reach across platforms

People worldwide use Facebook as their leading social media platform, and it can run on almost every device, regardless of size. Even people who utilize old java phones have internet access. It is very beneficial to use a platform with such a broad reach.

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