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3 important elements of a powerful Ecommerce solution that we provide

A highly efficient Website/App system

Creating a highly dynamic and responsive Website with a high converting User Experience for better sales

Social media store-Product Catalog

Connecting your website store to the Google/Facebook merchant center for increasing reach and sales

Dynamic Marketing strategy

Creating and implementing a Marketing funnel using Google AdWords, Social media marketing, and other channels

First step

Developing a perfect ECommerce website

Important elements of an Ecommerce website that we always include. 

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High converting user experience and design

High converting user experience and design

Advance Admin panel to operate and manage orders

Advance Admin panel to operate and manage orders

A responsive website for all devices and screens

A responsive website for all devices and screens

Website designed to boost sales and revenues

Website designed to boost sales and revenues

Core Tech

Development platforms we use to build a perfect Ecommerce Website

WooCommerce development

Most widely used platform to develop Ecommerce websites. Has a great level of plugins and customization capability

Custom coded website

We use PHP frameworks, Python/Django to build highly customized websites


Magento is another platform we use to create CMS based Ecommerce websites. Widely used after the Woocommerce


Type of Ecommerce website we develop

Single product websites, as the name suggest, are meant for just one or max of 2 products to be sold. They usually have a limited Admin panel capacity as the product details rarely change. But they are very cost effective development option for single products case

Single vendor Ecommerce websites are one organisation store websites, in which the owner if the website is the only seller on the website. The owner only can add/modify products and manage orders on the website

Multi-vendor Ecommerce are eventually the eCommerce aggregator platforms where the website admin allows other sellers to sell the products using their website. Classic example is Amazon.com

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Key things that we develop in an Ecommerce website

Boosting sales is highest priority

Boosting sales is highest priority

Website will be optimized for boosting sales and enabling faster checkouts

Master Admin panel

Master Admin panel

A master admin panel for managing orders, products, inventory and user database

Conversion optimized website

Conversion optimized website

Web speed and process optimization for better User experience for more sales

Marketing integrations

Marketing integrations

Integrating necessary plugins for Dynamic marketing and ReMarketing campaigns

Analytics and tracking

Analytics and tracking

Adding google Analytics, Facebook Pixel , etc for analyzing web traffic and sales

Responsive design

Responsive design

Making sure the website works efficiently on all screen sizes and devices

Recent Projects

Add-on Plugins and Integrations

Some of the majorly used plugins and integrations we will use to boost up your website

Google Analytics

A popular tool by Google to track and monitor your website traffic

Payment gateyway

Payment gateway integration to accept payments online

Promotional Email

For sending automatic promotional emails. eg Mailchimp

SMS Integration

To send transactional, promotional and OTP SMS to users

Facebook Pixel

Tool provided by Facebook to track website traffic for Digital marketing

SMPT Email

For sending automatic transactional emails from your website

Chat support plugins

For interacting with website users in real time with ease.

UI elements and Fonts

For improving User interface and layouts of the website

what we offer

Why should you choose Nextra to build your Ecommerce solutions

We at Nextra will develop an all round E-commerce solution for your business needs. So that you can focus your entire energy on the actual business and not worry about the website or marketing

Marketing Funnels

We will take care of your marketing needs

With our rich experience in handling Ecommerce marketing, we can fully assure you of a high degree of sales response. We will create a multi-step marketing funnels for a maximum impact

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Marketing plan

We will develop a unique sales strategy for your ECommerce business

Marketing Funnels

We will create a very hybrid Marketing funnel optimized for maximum conversions at lowest cost

Dynamic Targeting and Retargeting

We will dynamically target ads to the right customers using multiple ad campaigns

Audience analysis

We will filter out the correct set of audience for your ads in order to drive max sales


Working Process

Step 01

Setting up Google merchant center

We will setup your google merchant center account by connecting your entire website store Dynamically with Google merchant center. This helps in running Dynamic Google shopping ads on Google's network

Step 01

Step 02

Facebook product catalogue

Second comes setting up Facebook product catalogue. This is a common feature for entire Facebook's network including Instagram. This enable running dynamic ads on Facebook and Instagram

Step 02

Step 03

Creating a marketing funnel

We will strategize a correct marketing funnel including a ReMarketing plan for your business involving multiple sources and process to get the maximum sales and revenues from your Ecommerce store

Step 03

Step 04

Implementation and monitoring

We will implement the entire marketing funnel with pin point accuracy and with exact time schedules for maximum results. We always make sure to give our clients the best ROI

Step 04

Marketing channels

Main tools and platforms we use

Google Ads Manager

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Viral Marketing

comparative study

Which platforms drive maximum conversions

Based on the product/service, we will choose the right platform and marketing strategy to drive your sales.

Each platform offers unique benefits which we will explore to get you the best ROAS.

Google Ads
News PR and influencer marketing

Some basic stats to consider in marketing strategy

Google Ad platform

Almost 80% people say that they use Google to search for the product that they wish to buy

Importance of Social media

Nearly 70% users say that Social media is influential in brand recognition and future sales consideration

News PR

News PR and Influential accounts are constantly making a significant impact on users buying patterns. It varies from product to product though

Reality of Advertising

Here is some of our recent creations in 2019

Website Maintenance inclusions

Basic maintenance package includes:

  1. Domain, Servers, Nameservers and SSL management
  2. Basic healthy upkeep of website and reducing any downtime due to server issues
  3. Maintaining payments schedule of domains, SSL and servers involved 
  4. Keeping the website and all the integrations updated and healthy by performing regular checks and updates

Backups and restores include

  1. Performing regular website and database backups as per pre-set timeframes- daily/weekly/bi-monthly/monthly
  2. Restoring backups in case of Website issues
  3. Keeping website and dynamic forms on website healthy and updated
  4. Performing restore and of website in case of a hacking or website downtime issue 

Under support and updataion services:

  1. Website data update/modifications
  2. Tech support regarding any issue with the website
  3. Additions/ modification / Updatation of website pages and information
  4. Creating new landing pages

Ohter maintenence services

  1. Blogs and Content postings
  2. SEO audits and optimization
  3. Third party services management
  4. Analytics reports and improvement suggestions
  5. Or any customized services as requested by client

Idea meets Innovation

Our skilled developers know how to build a perfect website custom to your needs. 

What makes Nextra unique and different

With a strong focus on solving customer's business objectives, we set the bar very high

Strong strategic planning

We pay a very strong emphasis on planning the entire project strategy, by keeping in my mind the business objectives of our customers and developing a cutting edge solution based on it

Detailed Execution strategy

Time is king. Our developers know the importance of timely execution. We thus stay very committed to timelines and delivering the website on time always

Complete Digital Ecosystem

We take into consideration entire digital space to create a power punch solution for you. We plan it all in very detail to give your business a major boost

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